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With the expertise and dedication of our technicians, excellence in overhead door maintenance is guaranteed

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Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek is the best door company/contractor in the area.

We offer some special services to our customers like our emergency services so that we are always there when our customers needs us. If you call us and are in need of a repair we will get to you ASAP. One of our special services that we provide is with Garage door Maintenance/adjustments. Adjustments and maintenance is a service that will provide some preventative measures for your door. If you find a small problem before it becomes a major problem then you can save some money. Have one of our contractors come out to your garage every 6 and we'll go over your door to find any problem with individual parts. We'll also do a regularly lubrication and maintenance the individual parts.

Garage Door MaintenanceNow let us tell you about our spring service. Garage door springs are hung at the top of your door. There are either torsion springs that are for heavy doors and comes in two sets of two or there is the extension springs that is for light doors and come in a set of two. Either of these can come in galvanized springs. These are made to last a lot longer.  The galvanized springs are bonded by a reaction combining two metal zinc and iron. These springs have injured people and even killed a few. They can spring back when you are trying to replace them so always allow an expert from  Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek replace or install them for you.

Garage door opener is a nice extra on a garage door that most people insist on having. They will keep you from ever lifting a heavy garage door again. Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek stocks brands like Chamberlain, Sears, Genie, Liftmaster,Craftsman, and Marantec openars. Garage door openers are not easy to maintenance or install because they're heavy and big. But our company can install one with ease. We can also replace one you already have or do door troubleshooting on it. Do you have a chain drive- common and is also very noisy. Or do you have a screw drive-which is less noisy or the belt drive which is not noisy at all but costly.

There are 4 different remotes that we carry at Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek. They are:

  •     Genie Intellicode in Coconut Creek – safest remote with rolling code technology.
  •     Liftmaster Security +  in Coconut Creek-
  •     Clicker  in Coconut Creek– considered as the true universal remote and that can works with all door.
  •     Multi Code  in Coconut Creek– this remote allows user to operate few doors at a time.

Everyone of these remotes come in all different size and styles. These can be so little that they can be fixed to your key chain or medium size to hold in hand. Our contractors will install one of these for you. We'll show you how to operate the door with a remote and it's more like a teaching program and we just need your little corporation. We can also repair these for you if you need us to.

At our company in Coconut Creek we also do door replacement/installations. This is a special service that you can come to us if you are ready for a new door or you need door windows replaced. We have wooden garage doors, steel, aluminum and Craftsman garage doors. You can choose your favourite one from here. We are also proud to offer glass doors. These are really popular these days. They are modern garage doors. They will let Mother Nature pour the sunlight into your door but they will not let passerby's see into the garage.

We would not be the best garage door company around if we didn't offer door repairs. We are here to repair and take care of your system and make it workable for alltime. Call us at Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek and we can do these repairs and so many more: door off track, repair that broken emergency replaceand release section of door at a moments notice.  We can even change that weather strip or install that bottom door rubber.

Garage door cables & tracksare another service that our crews provide at Garage Door Repair in Coconut Creek. Sometime your door need some service like these.

  •     Cable Snapped in Coconut Creek
  •     Cable lose in Coconut Creek
  •      Cable came off in Coconut Creek
  •      Broken cable in Coconut Creek
  •      Replace garage track in Coconut Creek
  •      Repair bent track in Coconut Creek
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