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This is the perfect opportunity to expand your current knowledge about garage doors! Read here some excellent tips

Change hinges when replacing rollers

Garage door rollers are usually replaced every twenty years or so and in the meantime hinges get rusty, too. In this case, it will save you both time and hassle to replace garage door hinges and rollers together. If you trust the job to Garage Door Repair Coconut Creek, it will also save you labor money.

Making adjustments is important

When garage door parts are misaligned, they won't be able to fulfill their mission. In most cases, this would also be dangerous. Misaligned sensors won't activate the reverse system when someone is in the way of the closing door. Misaligned garage door tracks won't let the rollers move properly and the door will jam or pop off.

You can adjust door operation sensitivity

Most garage door opener systems come with the feature for adjusting door operation sensitivity. Refer to the garage door opener’s manual for the details on this. Our garage door experts say that answers to most concerns regarding garage door sensors maintenance are also usually detailed in the manual so be sure to keep the accompanying manual handy.

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