What to Do When You Have Off Track Garage Doors

What to Do When You Have Off Track Garage Doors

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When opening and closing your garage door, you rely on tracks and rollers to guide the door to its desired position. When these parts are kept in optimal condition, they will ensure that the door operates smoothly and quietly. However, if these are no longer in proper condition, they can actually make it difficult to operate the door as it has already gone off track.

Common Causes leading to off track garage doors

What to Do When You Have Off Track Garage DoorsThere are numerous factors why a garage door may go off track. One of the most common reason is that one or perhaps both of the cables are broken. The cable may actually break after several years of use due to natural wear and tear. In most instances, it breaks on one side of the track when opening the garage door. Apart from this, the door may also go off track if there is any obstruction in the track itself. If a powerful force (like a car backing out while the door is closing) hits the door, it has the tendency to go off track as well. Moreover, this can even bend or bow the tracks. When this happens, the door will have a hanging, lopsided appearance.

Newer features to prevent off track doors

Newer doors have photo eyes to ensure that the path is clear. This feature prevents the door from hitting anything in its way while closing or opening. However, not all garage doors have this feature. In fact, older models do not have this and they are more likely to go off track.

If your door is off track, you should not attempt to repair or move it, as a precautionary measure. We, at garage door repair Coconut Creek, recommend hiring one of our professionals to check the door and handle the repair. Tracks, cables and springs are under extreme pressure. Thus, they must be handled with care to avoid any accidents that can cause serious injuries.

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